Yan Zheng

Mr. Yan Zheng

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Yan Zheng has served as 360 DigiTech's vice president since February 2017. Mr. Zheng has 10 years of experience of consumer finance risk management. Before joining the Company, Mr. Zheng co-founded Shenzhen Samoyed Internet Finance Service Co. Ltd. in May 2015, and was in charge of its product risk management. Prior to that, Mr. Zheng worked on the establishment of Merchants Union Consumer Finance Company Limited as a risk management head leading the establishment of risk management system of non-scenario-based online loan products from December 2013. Mr. Zheng worked for the Credit Card Center of China Merchant Bank (SHA: 600036) from July 2008 as a senior analyst, handling policy management of installment products. Mr. Zheng received his bachelor's degree in quantitative economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2008.

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